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A reader from South Australia with a doctorate in ancient literature. BIBLIOLATHAS is a place for other types of reading: fiction (crime; classics; children's), social & cultural history, biography, poetry, & almost anything from the 1900s-1940s.

A book blog owned by two bloggers sharing our love for books by writing up reviews and recommending what to read and what not to read. Titaxy is the creator of the blog and Psych Babbler along with two other bloggers were invited to be a part of it. Guest reviews are welcome on the blog. As the title says, it's all about our bond with books...

I'm a technical writer and crime fiction writer. I post about writing from a writer's point of view.

Editor, book reviewer, writer, mother-of-three. Adventures ensue.

A blog where I talk about my love of books!

A project of love, a blogging obession, and a voracious appetite for books - add them all to gether and you get BOOK BITES! Discussion, reviews, new releases, memes, covers, and other fun items I come across online.

Book Couture: Tina-speak for high-end book fashion, where one Aussie teenage booklover is sharing her thoughts on books she loves, books she doesn't love, and everything in between. On a happy day, Tina will read until the pages blur, and then unleash all the juicy new gossip on Book Couture, a blog that is quickly becoming less of a hobby, and more of a passion. Beware: Tina loves all sorts of books, and reads everything she can get her hands on. She is prone to squealing and hyperventilating when anything distinctly book-like is placed in front of her. Tina would love to hear from you at ------------------------------------- To blog admin: I was wondering if you could use this header graphic? Code:

Reviews and ratings for books mostly of the Paranormal Romance/ Urban Fantasy/ Erotic Romance genre but I do dabble in other genres on occasion.

A directory of Melbourne's best independent bookstores as well our own personal reading related words of pseudo-wisdom!

Book Me! Does Reviews, Giveaways, Blog Tours, Memes and more!
Book Muster Down Under

I am an avid reader and have quite an eclectic taste in reading. I recently started my own blog to record my Book Reviews which also get posted to Goodreads.

Reviews, news and competitions

YA book reviews, IMM and frequent giveaways!
Book Thingo

Reading (mostly) romance books down under.

Book to the Future is more than just a blog: it's a journey through time. For the next two-and-a-bit years, I'll be reading and reviewing one book every week, risking life and limb to read great works of literature in the year they were first published. My journey began in the year 1900 - every week since, I move forward one year in the future, reviewing a book that first hit the shelves in that year. Confusing? Possibly. But if you like reading, time travel and nice, hot cups of tea, you'll love Book to the Future.

Book Treasures Between Wallabies And Palm Trees

Hello everyone <3

My name is Jenny but I also get often called Jen and I'm 29 years young.

My posts will be alternately in German and English as I live in Australia for 3 years now but my nationality is German. I read both in German and in English and therefore I want to reach people from both languages.

I love books since I've been a little child and I can't imagine myself without reading. My most favourite genre is fantasy but I'm pretty open for anything!

~ I hope you all have a great day and heaps of time to read ~

I read and review a wide range of fiction genre from literature and the classics through to mystery thrillers and chick lit. I host the Aussie Author Reading Challenge.

I tend to rant rather than review, I like to post updates on the novels I am currently reading, and often include a casual review for most of the books I read. If a book stands out, or I have something to say about it, I will do a specific review.