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a great place for reviews and information

Aussie Writers blog has a mission to discover and expose some of the best writing emerging in Australia today.

Not just a blog, AustCrime Fiction is a database of Australian and New Zealand authors, books, reviews, events and announcements

The Australian Literature Review is dedicated to revitalising Australian literature and promoting vibrant and original Australian fiction. The Australian Literature Review is dedicated to written fiction and the practical craft of writing fiction.

Just started 2011: I've a great interest in these books as I read them every week to children.

Snippets of Australian literature, art, music and film for a German audience. I am writing in German to spread the word of Australia

Australian Romance Readers Association

News, reviews, guest bloggers and information about our activities and events

Started in March becasue I seriously needed a way to express my love for books without ruining the couch and I'm totally badass 😛

I blog about baking and book reviews.

A place for me to discuss all things bookish such as book reviews, author interviews, book tours, guest posts and giveaways.

A celebration of book cover design throughout the ages. We share our favourite cover art (reviewing the books themselves whenever possible) and discuss the best places readers can find them.

Hi, I'm Bec! I have recently re-discovered the joys of reading and I've made this blog to review the books I read as well as get ideas for new books! After I read the Fifty Shades of Grey Trilogy, then the Crossfire Trilogy I was hooked on romance/chicklit/bad boy/alpha male books. I just love to get lost in the book and I can easily sit outside and read a book in an afternoon or two. I have a lot of books to read and my library card, my local bookstore and my ipad kindle are all seeing me a lot! I hope I can help others to find some intense guys to swoon over!

A quick summary of the books I read

Think..... free downloadable bookmarks, in depth reviews, interviews, guest posts, giveaways, and exclusive excerpts this is your one stop shop for everything book-ish

I'm a writer and book addict from Sydney. I decided to combine two of my passions and Belle's Bookshelf was born! On top of reviews, I compile fun book-related lists as well as feature products and other interesting bookish things I find in my travels on the web.

Personal blog of Marxist Horror Writer, Benjamin Solah with thoughts and discussion on literature, publishing, horror, Australian and world politics, and culture

My blog started as a review blog and has evolved into one that focuses on Australian and Archaeological literature. Delving into fiction and Australian culture I look at books in reviews and short articles from an Australian perspective and look at how fiction factors into the very landscape and heritage oriented land that I live in. I update with reviews more frequently than articles, as I have other commitments and want to produce the highest quality blog entries that I can.

I like to post my thoughts as I am reading. There are also links to my reading lists, and my book club newsletters. I've also challenged myself to include 25 books a year from the 1001 Books You Must Read Before You die in my reading selection.

We mix in some social commentary, rugby, interweb, and of course book reviews

Reviews and other book-related posts from a busy working mum who loves to read