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My turn to 'ASK' for a review
« on: October 24, 2014, 04:10:16 PM »

Hi there,

A few of you might know me from around the Facebook page or even we've met personally at the Penguin Random House Book Blogger's Forum in Sydney earlier this year.

As well as being a book and film reviewer, I'm also a fiction writer. So now comes my time to attempt to gain some reviews on my latest book. Up until now, I haven't done any promotion on books. I was waiting to build up a body of work, so that if readers enjoyed one of my books, there would be others they could move on to. 

In mid-November, I will be releasing BACK AGAIN, a time slip story that was inspired by a short story that I wrote earlier in the year. My editor loved the short story and urged me to write the book. In fact, the same day I flew over for the Blogger's conference was the 2nd day of writing the book.

If you would like to join my special VIP list, I would love to send you an e-copy next week, once its back from the formatters.  Signing up for this list, will also gain you access to other great books for review. Many of my friends are New York Times bestsellers (can't believe I can actually say that), who have either become indie authors or are hybrid (meaning they've published some books through a publisher and some themselves.)  They are, also, looking for reviewers for their books.  To join this list, click through here:

or if you prefer email me at and I'll send you the book in any file format you need. Thanks everyone for taking the time to read this.

Here's the info on BACK AGAIN.  The reviews on the short story have been wonderful and truly humbling, and both my editor and proof reader loved it. My editor commented at the end that I'd written "something wonderful," and the proof reader, who is supposedly jaded(LOL) commented that "it was up there with the better ones," which apparently is high praise.


"Between life and death, lies fate."

This is the novel, inspired by the short story BACK AGAIN, published in May 2014. At the urging of her editor and readers, Susan May revisited her popular time slip novelette and created the novel. The result is a thrilling ride into the wonderful possibilities of travelling back in time to avert a disaster. Susan's editor's comment: "You’ve written something pretty wonderful here."

The Story:

Could there be any greater nightmare than living through the death of your child?
Yes! Reliving it again and again.
A tragic accident takes Dawn’s only child right before her eyes. The following surreal days are filled with soul-destroying grief and moments she never wants to live again—until, inexplicably, she finds herself back again, living that day.
It’s a second chance to save her son. But changing fate is not as simple as it first appears. Time is not Dawn’s ally.

“She’d lost count of the number of times she’d lived through this. Every time it hurt as much as the time before. Eventually, she thought that she must become immune to the events, and that her heart wouldn’t shatter into a thousand, million pieces—
But it always did.”

Reviews of BACK AGAIN the Short Story

“Well-written. Thought-provoking. Highly recommended.” Peg McDaniel-Amazon
“I recommend this book to fans of time travel, parents, and those who thing texting and driving is okay. Please, read this story!” Chris Mentzer, author of the Askinar Towers
“It is a story not easily forgotten.” L. Frier-Amazon
“A MUST READ novella that will tug at your heart!” Ana Medina-Amazon
“A well written and haunting story that the reader will not soon forget.” Evie-Amazon
“Heartbreaking and, yet, wonderfully told.” Tamara-Amazon

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