I’m an eclectic reader as my blog name suggests. I love historical fiction, fantasy, YA, suspense/thrillers especially medical, horror, memoirs and romance. I review almost all books I read, host regular giveaways and author guest posts and interviews

I review books, write about books in general, report on book vents, including SF conventions, I have attended, interview writers, pst about my writing.

The Musings of a Restless Reader

A book review blog of mixed genres, mainly fantasy. Also a bit of travel reviews and novel reviews of local authors. And bookclub reviews!

This blog reviews books with the power to make you feel.


A book blog that explores the unknown, sips tea with lusty gentlemen, battles dragons and does this all before the dinner bell rings. With some interesting offbeat humor to boot.

To Be Read is a Book Blog that posts memes, TBR’s, wrap ups, reviews and more. It is a source to engage with the wider reading community. I have eclectic tastes in my reading but the main genres focused on would be YA Fiction, Science Fiction, Fantasy, New Adult, & Romance.