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I’m a Canadian book lover who’s working my way through as many countries and books as I possibly can. I’ve recently moved to Melbourne, Australia from London, UK with The Englishman and can’t say for sure which country I’ll be living in a year from now. I sell books by day and read/eat/run voraciously by night.

I’m a reader, runner and traveller (not necessarily in that order). So this blog will probably contain musings on all three. First and foremost, I want this to be a book blog. After being inspired (read: pestered) by my boyfriend (henceforth known as The Englishman) and a fellow bookseller/lover (Tsudokinst), I’ve decided to join the book blogging community – a community I’ve been a happy voyeur of for many years now. I’m hoping to use this blog to keep a more lasting and meaningful record of the books I’ve read along with connecting with fellow book-lovers. Enjoy!

My Reading List: A Bookcrosser’s Love of Reading … And Other Book-Related Things.

This is what the title says, and normally, it’s pretty much what I do. I talk about books and reading, bookstores and other book-related things that go along with just about anyone’s reading list… to make my reading list yours. It’s very much a nice read and I ask my public questions to keep them with me – to encourage them to comment, but I don’t get many who do. I guess I have a shy crowd. My Reading List is also translatable… making it easier for anyone in the world to plug into it.

Passages of Writing

Favourite quotes from fiction/author interviews
Read and Live Well

A blog all about books, reading, health, wellness and mindfulness! It’s all about following your passions to live your best life!

My book reviews from an ever-increasing range of genres, plus bookish thoughts and news.

Sam Still Reading
Seeing the Lighter Side

Blogging about parenting, current affairs, humour and book reviews.

Seeing the Lighter Side
Story Addict

Story Addict is a review website run by Rebecca Bowyer, card-carrying story addict. You’ll find a range of new release recommendations, particularly historical, contemporary, literary and speculative fiction.

No romance or horror!

Story Addict website

Suz’s Space

I’m addicted to books. I review most books I read as well as writing my take on book related topics, this can include writing about the author.

The Book Chook blog brings tips to parents and teachers about encouraging kids to read, write, create and learn. You’ll find book reviews of wonderful children’s literature, educational software reviews, and explanations of how to use great online resources with your kids. The Book Chook is the blog of Susan Stephenson, an Australian teacher and writer, who is fascinated by technology and what it can do to motivate kids and help them learn.

Book review blog with a focus on Aussie authors and women authors.

I am an avid reader and read and review a large range of genres.

I’m an eclectic reader as my blog name suggests. I love historical fiction, fantasy, YA, suspense/thrillers especially medical, horror, memoirs and romance. I review almost all books I read, host regular giveaways and author guest posts and interviews

The Literate Show Pony

This is a contemporary literature/classics/anything-from-the-Balmain-book-fair-goes book review blog that focuses on second-hand books with a soul

The Musings of a Restless Reader

A book review blog of mixed genres, mainly fantasy. Also a bit of travel reviews and novel reviews of local authors. And bookclub reviews!

This blog reviews books with the power to make you feel.

Reviews, author interviews. blogs … that’s what you’ll find at Write Note Reviews.

Write Note Reviews includes book reviews, author interviews, guest posts, bookish thoughts and some of my own writing. If I had to describe my favourite book genre, I’d be stuck for words. I have a pretty eclectic taste and often my mood plays a big part. I enjoy women’s contemporary fiction, crime fiction, thrillers, romance, gothic romance, children’s/young adult fiction, travel memoirs, and more. I have a particular liking for the food-related literary genre…mmmm. (That’s why I add “Bookish treat” to the end of each of my reviews, because I love the marriage of food and books!)

Currently closed to reviews.