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All The Books I Can Read

I challenged myself to read 50 new-to-me books in 2010 and keep a record of what I read and what I thought. My reviews were taking over my personal blog so I decided to start one solely dedicated to books. I review everything I read and I’ll read pretty much anything recommended to me!

ANZ LitLovers

Lisa Hill
Book to the Future

Book to the Future is more than just a blog: it’s a journey through time. For the next two-and-a-bit years, I’ll be reading and reviewing one book every week, risking life and limb to read great works of literature in the year they were first published. My journey began in the year 1900 – every week since, I move forward one year in the future, reviewing a book that first hit the shelves in that year. Confusing? Possibly. But if you like reading, time travel and nice, hot cups of tea, you’ll love Book to the Future.


Mostly contemporary literature but you’ll also find a little chick-lit, lad-lit, YA and historical fiction every so often.


BookSwag is a blog with a focus on contemporary fiction, although there is a little bit of everything. I have a special interest in Perth authors and literary happenings.


A book blog dedicated to reading challenges and book reviews. It also features libraries around Sydney and library themed resources, such as podcasts and journals.

Carpe Librum

Carpe Librum: Seize the Book – A blog containing book reviews, giveaways and author interviews

Confessions From Romaholics

Confessions From Romaholics is run  by a group of ladies who love to read. We are all about the romance, young adult, new adult and more. Created in August 2012, we aim to bring fresh reviews about the books we love, interviews from our favourite authors and more.

Devoted Eclectic

I read and review mostly psychological suspense novels and contemporary Australian women’s writing.

Devoted Eclectic
Fictional Thoughts

Reviews, book news, author interviews and more.
Jess Just Reads

Jess Just Reads is a book review blog for all literary genres, from young adult to the classics.
Jess resides here

I enjoy a variety of genre and read based on mood. I enjoy unique, bizarre reads but I also like literary, horror, fantasy and other “usual” genre. I love working with indie authors to promote their work.

Jess resides here
Knowledge Lost

The title Knowledge Lost was adapted from the title Paradise Lost by John Milton. I decided on this title to symbolise the fact that there is so much to learn and so much knowledge out there that previously was lost to me. As I discover and learn new things, I realise there are so much more to learn so this blog keeps growing and growing. A few years ago I started Literary Exploration as a dedicated book blog, I did this because my passion was always book blogging and I felt it would be a good idea to have this blog separate to the rest of my blogging.

Knowledge Lost
Marisa Wikramanayake

Marisa Wikramanayake is an author, journalist and editor who writes about writing, freelancing, publishing and journalism. She has reviewed books for the West Australian and currently is the non-fiction, poetry and short fiction contributing editor for the Australian Women Writers Challenge project. She has done media work for the Galle Lit Festival & convened the 6th IPEd Editing Conference and sometimes she asks authors very cheeky questions.
Musings From A(Broad)

I’m a Canadian book lover who’s working my way through as many countries and books as I possibly can. I’ve recently moved to Melbourne, Australia from London, UK with The Englishman and can’t say for sure which country I’ll be living in a year from now. I sell books by day and read/eat/run voraciously by night.

I’m a reader, runner and traveller (not necessarily in that order). So this blog will probably contain musings on all three. First and foremost, I want this to be a book blog. After being inspired (read: pestered) by my boyfriend (henceforth known as The Englishman) and a fellow bookseller/lover (Tsudokinst), I’ve decided to join the book blogging community – a community I’ve been a happy voyeur of for many years now. I’m hoping to use this blog to keep a more lasting and meaningful record of the books I’ve read along with connecting with fellow book-lovers. Enjoy!

My Reading List

My Reading List: A Bookcrosser’s Love of Reading … And Other Book-Related Things.

This is what the title says, and normally, it’s pretty much what I do. I talk about books and reading, bookstores and other book-related things that go along with just about anyone’s reading list… to make my reading list yours. It’s very much a nice read and I ask my public questions to keep them with me – to encourage them to comment, but I don’t get many who do. I guess I have a shy crowd. My Reading List is also translatable… making it easier for anyone in the world to plug into it.