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I love reading, but more and more I listen to audiobooks. Whereas once I loved to read psychological thrillers, gory murders, poetry and academic articles, (not forgetting those Serious Literary Works) one day I just didn’t want to any more.

I still read murder and mysteries, but of the Cozy/Cosy kind, and most of my reviews are of this category.

I began posting reviews on Goodreads, then found I could get free audiobooks simply by writing reviews, Who knew? Now I also post on Audible and Amazon Books, and am starting this little review blog – with no great expectations of anything, but it’s something to do, and a new skill for me.

Book Treasures Between Wallabies And Palm Trees
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Hello everyone <3

My name is Jenny but I also get often called Jen and I’m 29 years young.

My posts will be alternately in German and English as I live in Australia for 3 years now but my nationality is German. I read both in German and in English and therefore I want to reach people from both languages.

I love books since I’ve been a little child and I can’t imagine myself without reading. My most favourite genre is fantasy but I’m pretty open for anything!

~ I hope you all have a great day and heaps of time to read ~

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A book blog dedicated to reading challenges and book reviews. It also features libraries around Sydney and library themed resources, such as podcasts and journals.

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Read all the things! Come hang out 🙂

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Hey Everyone!
I just read this book …
My eclectic blog where I share short reviews and little bits of me.

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Knowledge Lost
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The title Knowledge Lost was adapted from the title Paradise Lost by John Milton. I decided on this title to symbolise the fact that there is so much to learn and so much knowledge out there that previously was lost to me. As I discover and learn new things, I realise there are so much more to learn so this blog keeps growing and growing. A few years ago I started Literary Exploration as a dedicated book blog, I did this because my passion was always book blogging and I felt it would be a good idea to have this blog separate to the rest of my blogging.

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Marisa Wikramanayake is an author, journalist and editor who writes about writing, freelancing, publishing and journalism. She has reviewed books for the West Australian and currently is the non-fiction, poetry and short fiction contributing editor for the Australian Women Writers Challenge project. She has done media work for the Galle Lit Festival & convened the 6th IPEd Editing Conference and sometimes she asks authors very cheeky questions.

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My Reading List: A Bookcrosser’s Love of Reading … And Other Book-Related Things.

This is what the title says, and normally, it’s pretty much what I do. I talk about books and reading, bookstores and other book-related things that go along with just about anyone’s reading list… to make my reading list yours. It’s very much a nice read and I ask my public questions to keep them with me – to encourage them to comment, but I don’t get many who do. I guess I have a shy crowd. My Reading List is also translatable… making it easier for anyone in the world to plug into it.

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To Be Read is a Book Blog that posts memes, TBR’s, wrap ups, reviews and more. It is a source to engage with the wider reading community. I have eclectic tastes in my reading but the main genres focused on would be YA Fiction, Science Fiction, Fantasy, New Adult, & Romance.