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A fan site for science fiction and fantasy works specifically from Australia, New Zealand and Australiasia.

Short, straight to the point and honest reviews on a variety of books.

Two teenage girls, Chami and Ely, bought together by their love of books.

A Darn Good Read

Reviews of historical fiction and its sub-genres and other news with a historical focus.
I am an avid reader of historical fiction and its sub-genres spanning the times of William the Conqueror and World War II. My favourite eras in history are World War I, World War II, the Napoleonic wars, the English Civil War and the Restoration. I started this blog mainly to keep track and record my thoughts on the books I read, but I also participate in reading challenges and memes.

I'm the author of The Pericles Commission, first in a series of historical mysteries set in Classical Greece, and published by Penguin in Australia and St Martin's Press in the US. The blog's a combination of ancient history, my publishing adventures, the craft of writing, and comments on history and mysteries in general.

I've just resumed blogging- expect plenty of literary links and reviews

This is a blog about my Penguin paperback collection which is restricted to the Penguins published before Allen Lane died in 1970. I aim to rediscover them one at a time, by reading and commenting on one of these vintage Penguins each week.

A young guy trying desperately not to be ignored by the big world of words, my blog serves as a chronicle and catalogue of my journey from reader to writer. Part comedy, part history, all tragedy.

I read broadly but mainly blog about childrens books, and like to feature Aussie books when I can. I also love the words I find in books, and photos for visual richness.

Adventures of a Bookonaut is a blog that charts my adventures into the wonderful world of the written and bound word. The blog features: Reviews of the books I read News relevant to booklovers Musings on the changing nature of reading ie E-readers, audiobooks Videos and multi - media on writing and reading.

I'm a writer of the children's sic-fi books "Meteorite Strike" and "Alien Storm.". I blog about writing, kids' books and anything related.

I've been working in Bookshops for 8 years now specialising in Children's Fiction. I read obsessively and try to keep my blog up-to-date! I post reviews, giveaways and author events that I attend 🙂

Hi, my name is Alison J. I was sitting at home one day...actually that is a lie, I was at work one day and realised that I needed to take my love of books one step further. Everyone knows me as the crazy cats lady and the crazy book lady. When I tell people that I read about 5 books a week they often look at me with open mouths and the responses are usually "Why?" and "How do you get the time?". Why indeed? my answer is usually "Why not???" I have always loved reading, and read from a very young age, my father is an avid reader and I think this is where my love of books comes from. The number of times I would get in trouble for reading under the blanket with a torch after 'lights out' is unimaginable. One of my dad's favourite things to say to me is "Haven't you ever heard of a library?" as I have a tendency to purchase a lot of my 'favourite' books, although he is usually the first one at my bookcase when he he comes over to borrow a book from me to read. The reason I decided to create this blog is to pass on my love of books to others and to be able to have a bit of freedom to be creative myself. I realise there are millions of book blogs out there and I'm under no illusion that I will get lots of followers, but I don't mind and this is not my goal. So in between working full time for a not-for-profit community organisation that supports people living with mental illness, their families and friends, studying a post graduate degree at uni and looking after my 2 cats and 1 husband I will be blogging!!!!

I challenged myself to read 50 new-to-me books in 2010 and keep a record of what I read and what I thought. My reviews were taking over my personal blog so I decided to start one solely dedicated to books. I review everything I read and I'll read pretty much anything recommended to me!

It's my own 'solo book club' where I write long, rambling and thoughtful reviews about the books I read and the authors I love.


AmReading is a book review blog based in Sydney, Australia. Our preferred genres for book reviews are Chick Lit/Romance, Travel, Children's Books and Young Adult fiction. We also offer Author promotion services and author interviews. Visit us at to find out more.

I am a soon-to-be published historical fiction author. My debut novel 'Asenath' is a tale of drama and romance set in Ancient Egypt. I am currently working on a second Egyptian novel which takes place hundreds of years after the events of 'Asenath.' In my blog, I talk about my writings and other related topics such as ancient history, travels to the setting of my novels, other historical fiction novels, etc. Once in a while I'll talk about some totally random topics.

Lisa Hill

a blog of accidental discoveries - serendipity. Sometimes I get so enthusiastic about a new discovery that I want to shout it from the rooftops and sometimes I simply and quietly want to paste a memory into my commonplace book. It is here, within this blog, I
audiothing audiobook reviews

I love reading, but more and more I listen to audiobooks. Whereas once I loved to read psychological thrillers, gory murders, poetry and academic articles, (not forgetting those Serious Literary Works) one day I just didn't want to any more.

I still read murder and mysteries, but of the Cozy/Cosy kind, and most of my reviews are of this category.

I began posting reviews on Goodreads, then found I could get free audiobooks simply by writing reviews, Who knew? Now I also post on Audible and Amazon Books, and am starting this little review blog - with no great expectations of anything, but it's something to do, and a new skill for me.